I’m not above taking, trying, and learning from every little bit of advice on writing and publishing that I can find…

They said: Read, write, and submit to literary journals // so I did

They said: Your first draft will be a dumpster fire, but write it anyway // so I did (and they were right)

They said: Edit, edit, edit, and kill those darlings // so I did

They said: Read your entire manuscript out loud // and this is what that looked like…


They said: Get out there, get social // so I did

They said: Send fan mail. Tell the authors you love that you love them // so I did (and this was a total fail since I went the postcard route for fun and clearly the mail system in Saint Lucia cannot be trusted)

They said: Make a website and start a blog // so here I am.

What to expect from this blog? Honestly, I’m not entirely sure yet but I do know that I am excited to have an outlet to share what I’m learning from the writing, reading, and publishing world. Think: writing craft book reviews, lists, tell-alls from my writing and publishing journey, workshop reviews, a splash of island life, and all the dirty details about what it’s like to live and work in tropical resorts, including heaps of gossip about celebrity guests. Just kidding on the the last one, I need to keep my job, but it is tempting.



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